Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're Back! Here's goshorty

and... I'm back!

Life got in the way. I left the daily grind in an office job for my first profession, teaching little kids. Then got pregnant, then had to leave teaching in a hurry when it was a threat that my son would arrive 13 weeks early. Then motherhood started...

So while I've been a stay-at-home-mum, I've also dragged out my sewing machine Naomi the Janome, dusted her off, and started creating! Rather than spending up large on gifts for friends' baby showers, I started sewing bibs and muslin wraps, and the more people saw them the more interest they got. People started ordering bibs and I decided that rather than just making them for nameless fun, why not get a label! So 'go shorty' was born.

The wee guy has been my #1 model for my own special design of seam-free fuss-free beanies, and has also been my product tester for booties, bibs, wraps and wipes. But I also got hooked on sewing little dresses - an updated pillowcase-style dress, and a tie-up reversible dress so far in the 'goshorty' collection. I'd be verrrry unpopular if the wee guy was a model for dresses so that's where my darling friends and their daughters come in. Thanks ladies!

More to come, watch this space!

Off to cut out parts for a sunhat for the wee guy. Bring on summer!