Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Once upon a time, the word 'terminal' was within a transport context for me.
2012 has brought new meaning to the word terminal, and I just wish it hadn't been so soon.

I have a wonderful group of girl-friends with whom I meet at least monthly for dinner and a wine, or takeout and a fizzy drink.  We've known each other since university days and since have celebrated each others' new flats, new boyfriends, birthdays, weddings, new homes, births of babes and more.  Two of these wonderful ladies have been dealing with something we never ever thought would happen around our 30th birthdays - their men have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The website for the Riley family's journey with this diagnosis has been set up here: www.thelifeofriley.co.nz
Details of upcoming events to raise funds for their cause will be listed here: http://www.thelifeofriley.co.nz/category/events/

The talented and amazing Sophie Voon (Wellington fashion & bridal designer extraordinaire) is also doing something here: http://www.sophievoon.com/arohanui_may10.html

For the other couple, while they have enough to cover essentials (just), they would love help to enjoy a meal at a few of Wellington's finest restaurants... or old haunts.  A website will be up soon to donate towards this cause if this is your 'thing', so that in the weeks they have left, David and Suz can afford to enjoy some last suppers - as fancy as Logan Brown or as fun (and nostalgic) as KK Malaysia.

'David on a Plate' is a fundraising effort set up by David and Suz's colleagues: http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/DavidOnAPlate

You can follow David's journey here: http://davidonaplate.wordpress.com/

and there is a new goshorty baby beanie in production which will be helping raise funds.

For those of you who pray, please remember our friends in your prayers.  They need all the grace and healing they can get.

And go and hug your families when you read this.

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mãe da Sandra said...

Oh, Clare, you are such a good friend! I am sure you are suffering a lot with your good friends!
I hope they can enjoy some treats and that the doctors are mistaken. Or that a miracle happens!!