Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A miss is as good as...

I didn't quite make it to my 40 bags in 40 days...  But I did clear 35 massive bags of unwanted, unused and unloved "stuff" out of our house during Lent!  Actually that's not quite true yet - there are 10 bags in the garage still waiting to be taken away, but that's no biggie!

The run-down:
Bags 29-30: our patio garden.  I had a little helper with his little tools (see picture above) and I filled 2 bags to the brim with weeds and garden rubbish, so although it is still a weedy mess that is in dire need of my sister or mother to come and save the day, it has stopped resembling The Day of the Triffids
Bag 31: the study corner in my room - way too much excess papers, wrappings and rubbish, gone.
Bag 32: clothing that had been destined for Trade Me that never made it there: gone!
Bag 33: one bag full of goodness knows what, from the boxes sitting on our upstairs 'landing' area.  3 baskets and 2 bags went down to 1 basket and 1 box and it is much easier to move around there now!
Bag 34: more 'stuff' from the garage, a whole basket of stuff decluttered.
Bag 35: another lot of clothing and toys my boys no longer need, off to a friend whose wee boy will be in the clothes soon and will love the new toys!

So that, and 5 bags from a friend, takes my ticker up to 215 bags, but how about the rest of you?  Any bags to add to the final total?

Even though I didn't get to my goal of 40 bags, the sense of peace in my house where once there was chaos and mess, well it is pretty addictive!  Happy Easter to you all, and God bless all of you and your homes.

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