Sunday, May 27, 2012

see you on the other side

Thanks for all the lovely wishes and thoughts from an earlier post on two of our friends who are dying of aggressive cancers.
Today, Brett Riley passed away.  His wife has written some beautiful words on their website (see here).

At 3:30pm, when he left us for a better, cancer-free place, I just happened to be enjoying my first family movie at home experience - the four of us had all snuggled on the couches to watch Bolt, young Maddy Riley's favourite movie.  Touching coincidence.

So tonight my heart is full of sadness, but my head is full of memories of hanging out, moving houses (plural), sharing friends' celebrations, drinking beautiful coffees made by Brett (especially last year at their beach house when both our kids had been waking allll night), listening to my husband talk Apple with him, me discussing with him the best online tutorials for making softie toys for our kids, and some of the funnier moments from the last 9-ish years that Brett has been part of our lives.  Such a gentle man, a clever and creative man, such a huge loss.

Thoughts and prayers go to his beautiful wife Kylie, and delightful daughter Maddy.

Be at peace with God, Brett.  See you on the other side.

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