Saturday, May 30, 2015

a little tidying up

this little character, created by one of my little men, kinda sums up how I've been feeling about life lately.  (except my hair is never that full and fabulous!)

so I've been decluttering, tidying, downsizing, donating, and embracing a slower life with less.

I've also deleted about 2/3 of the previous posts on this blog and will probably mow down a few more in time.

inspired by Gretchen Rubin talking about a one-sentence journal, I'm heading more towards that sort of thinking. say more with less. but also remember some of the special things.

getting the stage itch again..

last year I returned to the stage.

I love community theatre, I love the rehearsals, the mucking about, the final weeks of stressing over learning those last lines you stumble over, the costume fittings, the excitement.

opening night is insanely scary and exciting.

my last play was last year after nearly 7 years off, and it was a bit-part (as usual, a bit of light-hearted comic relief) as Greta the air-headed secretary in Agatha Christie's 'Witness for the Prosecution'.

here's a little backstage opening night selfie with my theatre bosom-buddy (and serial-community-theatre-actress) Jess:

and she went on to win an Antoinette for her role as Romaine (the leading lady). that's Wellington's version of the Oscars. terribly proud of her!

so now I'm seeing the audition notices coming through every now and then, and wondering how I could fit in another play... hmmmm...