Monday, January 23, 2012

My Guy(s)

On Saturday we travelled nearly 2 hours north of where we live to celebrate a dear little friend's 2nd birthday.  Said friends lived on our street 3 years ago, moved 15 minutes north after that, and then in the middle of last year they sold up and bought a lifestyle block... we miss them terribly!  It was a lovely party though, and well worth the 3 and a bit hours we spent in the car that day.  Plus we were fed to bursting point with so much homemade Indian food.  I must get their pakora recipe from them one of these days!

I just wanted to share this shot that I took (and Instagram-ed) of my three boys.  Much delight was taken in the helium balloons that were attached to their pants (even the party hostess wrote Mr B's name on his so we could follow him as he belly-kayaked his way around the party), and the bigger boys had loads of fun running around the big yard playing ball, swinging, bouncing on the bouncy castle and of course seeing our friends again.  I love seeing the boys with their balloons, Mr T's feet dangling off the edge of the deck, bare feet, grass, chubby cheeks and excited hands.

I love outdoors, I love summer, and I love my boys. 


Jenny said...

Is it just me (and my bad eyesight) or has Mr B's hair got much blonder? Lovely shot! Jen x

shorty said...

Thanks! Yes, Mr B is really blonde - it almost looks white in some lights! And... it looks like he got my green eyes. Yayee!