Thursday, October 08, 2009

Little Boots!

I found this while browsing a few months ago and thought it was suuuuper cute, and after discovering that the wee guy has inherited my cold feet / ankles problem (apparently I have Raynaud's phenomenon according to an ex-pupil's nurse mum... I digress!) I thought I should make him some snuggly slippers with some fabric scraps.

Here's the link first: Bare Maked blog

And up top is my first effort that I "whipped up" while the wee guy was asleep yesterday! Very proud. I've got a pile of grey camo ribstop cotton that is earmarked for some denim cuffed pants, and lots of odds and ends of white microfleece that is used for nappies and bib backs.

I measured the wee guy's feet to be 11cm long, and gave myself waaayyyy too much seam allowance (the sole measurement pre-sewing was about 15cm! oops) but the fit around his ankles is fantastic. He actually made it through a whole day without being able to kick off his footwear. Now that's a first!

These won't be going into the goshorty line, however if I have a few scraps I'm sure I can "whip up" a few more for the stuff that never makes it to the store - that is, baby shower pressies! I'm so chuffed with them I'll try to make a few more pairs for the wee guy while he's still wee.

Now to decide if I should sew up some more bibs or some beanies. Or nappies. Or dresses. Argh! Where does that time go?!

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