Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Bean in a Little Beanie

Yep, I'm a typical parent. The wee guy has a variety of nicknames including 'little sausage', 'the wee guy', 'bruiser' and 'little bean'. I tried a few different designs of beanies for the wee guy for keeping him toasty warm in winter this year, and became increasingly frustrated with seams around the face which just wouldn't work for me. Soooo I came up with my own seamfree design of beanie. Here's my little bean in the goshorty little beanie. There's a knot at the top which you can move up and down to adjust sizing, and it has fit him from 6 months til now when he's almost 1... and it's still going.

Merino, seamfree, stretchy, toasty warm, delicious.

Don't those eyes just melt ya?!

1 comment:

rubberduckie said...

Oh they so so do make the heart melt !