Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ask and you shall receive...

Some of my customers live overseas, and some send overseas. I am so proud to be called a New Zealand designer! New Zealand has a rich and beautiful history which I loved studying while at university - particularly the concept of one's Hawaiki. The general gist for those not in the know is that the indigenous people of New Zealand came from a place called Hawaiki - Pacific Nations people migrated in their canoes from Hawaiki to various Pacific Islands, New Zealand being one of them.

Many who now reside in New Zealand have a Pacific Island as their Hawaiki, and looking at the beautiful pattern of paua (or abalone for foreigners, hehe!) always takes me back to my Pacific studies, and a trip to the Cook Islands to teach some darling children gave me the opportunity to gather more pictures for the album of memories in my mind. The gentle waves and rich blues remind me of the ocean around Rarotonga and Atiu, and of the relaxed way of going about life that I lived in Atiu.

A couple of customers, and a stockist, were chatting with me about some garments and accessories that were Kiwiana themed, but not in a tacky obvious sense (thank goodness!). I've also had many customers grateful for the dresses I've made that are not pink as it's such a sea of pink in stores across the region. I did some thinking, some shopping, some designing, some fishing out of an applique design I used on a skirt made from a pair of jeans in 2002 (remember how cool that was in the early 2000s?!!) and I came up with this darling.

And oh how much fun I had making my own bias binding to match!

The NenaBella dress in Pacifica Paua.


maryanne said...

I love it!

rubberduckie said...

Oh my goodness ive missed too many entry's i love this dress Clare ! Great idea and it turned out beautiful indeed