Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One little picture. So many bits of life.

It's not a perfect shot, it's not a posed shot. It may not look like much to you even. These two boys are looking a little shabby (and one is trying to steal even more of the other's drink...) but I could just look at this shot for ages. It says so much to me.

The first EVER bib I made way back in 2008. I loved it so much I made 2 more for a friend for her baby shower. Someone commented at the baby shower that it was a Gay Pride bib... I hadn't made it with that in mind, but ok! Whatever you like. It's still in great nick after the wee guy's spilt milk, spilly reflux, first foods, colourful foods, and many stormy trips through the washing machine. goshorty.

My husband of four years, back from a week away at training camp.

My darling friend's four children on the calendar behind (I left up my December darlings well into January, I couldn't bear to put them away!).

Milk moustache? Pah. Try drinking chocolate face-ring. Much more impressive.

My Sabco floor swiffer. It's microfibre, wet & dry, and is a dream for keeping my tiles clean. I have two feet for it and it's used SO often and still comes up as good as new in the wash. I don't even need to use any chemicals to clean the floor. ahhhh, Earth Motherly goodness.

My wine rack with bottles still in their gift-wrapped state. One day I'll stop breastfeeding and then they'll be fearing for their lives!

T-shirt applique-ing. I didn't do the adidas applique (obviously!) but I am applique-crazy right now.

Those two boys mean everything to me. I have been very blessed indeed!

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