Monday, March 01, 2010

Finding my Fingers

While holed up in hospital for weeks expecting to be whisked into surgery any day to prematurely deliver the wee guy, I decided I was going to be one of those mums that knitted. I set to, and knitted a prem baby hat for him and showed every visitor my efforts when I'd finished. It was supposed to be a ribbed bottom (as in the picture) but it ended up being moss stitch ... I didn't know I had anything other than garter or stocking stitch in me!
We were blessed with six weeks more than initially expected, so I managed a second attempt and made him a beanie with the single rib at the bottom. I can't remember or find the website where I got the pattern so sadly can't publicly thank them (sob!). He wore the beanie while he was hanging out with us for some good ol' kangaroo care before being returned to his incubator. Great therapy for mum and bub.

I've also knitted a cardy for the wee guy out of beautiful bamboo, kindly finished by my mother-in-law who is something of a knitting maven. Among other projects I've also finished a knitted lambie for a friend's new baby which I was most proud of, even if it screamed home-made with its slightly wonky legs.

The latest project to adorn my bedside table is a pattern for a pair of pants for the wee guy, along with my rough start efforts. Forgetting temporarily how to correctly increase stitches the right way has resulted in rather a bumpy beginning, but hopefully I can hide them in the final sew-up. I've had to alter the pattern in the process though as the wee guy has inherited my extra-long pins, and knitted capris on a boy won't cut it.

As with all my knitting projects, it's just taking a reeeeallllly long time (said in my best whiney voice!). At the rate I'm going he'll grow out of them after maybe two wears. Hmm... deja vu??!!

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