Friday, May 28, 2010

I love my mama.

This week I'm a bit obsessed and giggly about the 'Perfect' guy from the 'Perfect Italiano Ricotta Cheese' ads - check out here on youtube if you haven't seen him already. I've been randomly quoting bits on my facebook page, around my house, in public and now here.

"Sometimes, when I cook, I weep." has to be the favourite!!

He often chucks in there "I love my mama." Well this week I'm really really really loving my mama! Three visits in three days to a grandson who adores her, one bucket full of feijoas, and a fruit bowl full of lemons. And brought along a darling hooded creamy super-softie alpaca/silk blend toddler cardigan she's knitting from a pattern I bought, made with bamboo, and passed on to the other grandmother who's making a dark grey woollen version.My sister and mother (both gardeners and landscapers extraordinaire) have offered to pass on recipes for the feijoas, but thus far I've certainly enjoyed just slicing them in half, scooping out the homegrown goodness and occasionally sneaking in a sprinkling of organic sugar to complement the tartness of the firmer ones.

As for the lemons, I have a recipe from this book (picked up brand spankers for less than NZ$20 at a book party thingie) which never fails for a concentrate lemonade syrup. Adding hot water or soda water to that...



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