Saturday, March 12, 2011

Days (85-91) 28 February - 6 March

28 February - 1 March: The lovely green kimono cardigan teamed with some lovely Pure Patch singlets and some brown hand-me-down cowboy corduroys.
2 March: Nature Baby all-in-one with some little white booties which I fished out of the bottom of the drawer.  These haven't had much wear as I almost exclusively dressed the wee guy in cotton and wool fabrics, but they do look cute with the 'Toby suit' (named after little Toby in Labrynth).
I know it has nothing to do with handmade, but I think I found where they got the inspiration for Shrek.
3 March: The new kid is a super dribbler so he's been wearing rather a few bibs from my collection and others.  Here's a goshorty bib with little planes on it.  Also check out the green swaddling cloth .. so big and so useful!
4 March: check out the darrrrling little beanie I bought from Supurlative (same as the green booties).  It is the most adorable chunky soft blue-white wool, and she put on a white and blue felt star on the front.  This was a real find on Trade Me.  A clever lady (and also a very friendly one!) who I will definitely look out for at the next Craft 2.0 at The Dowse.
5 March: Ok so I couldn't get a photo of the new kid wearing his smaller version, but here's the wee guy wearing his new cuffed pants.  I dressed them up the same three days later as well, when we went to have the new kid's immunisations done but never got a happy snappy of it.  D'oh!  The nurse made a big fuss over them, I was rather proud.
6 March: Having a bit more tummy time, with a goshorty dribble bibble to catch the dribbles, and the garter stitch cardy Mum made which he's neaarrrllly grown out of.  I'll be so sad when he does!

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liltoastfairy said...

the shrek comment, when you say stuff like that, is when I realise I miss having you in my everyday life.
*laugh* *snort* *happy sigh* you is awesome chick. Don't let ANYONE (including yourself) tell you different. *hug* :O)