Sunday, February 27, 2011

PHB: Day 81-84 (24 - 27 February)

 24 February.  It got to 6pm... almost the end of the day.  The new kid had been wearing a nappy and a onesie all day (it was pretty warm!) and I NEARLY forgot... I nearly dropped the PHB ball!!  Gaah!!  Luckily I remembered in the nick of time, and I got him in a lovely knitted vest (my mum-in-law knitted it for the wee guy and I somehow lost my marbles temporarily and shrunk it in the wash.  Not my finest moment...) and swaddled him in the green goshorty swaddle.  Phew!!
 25 February: I squeeeeezed him into the blue lacey knit cardigan and it lasted a couple of hours before it was too hot to wear it and I had to squeeeeeeeeeeze him out of it.  Sob, sigh, another tiny item of clothing he's grown out of already!
 26 February: Quite an exciting day!  A friend over from the UK coming to visit, and an excited Mummy who gets to go shopping at Mary's Markets!  Seconds, end of lines, etc etc ... more on that in another wee post.  The Nature Baby all-in-one is almost history, so much so that in his white PUL and red suedecloth me-made nappy with red snaps... you can't actually dome the whole crotch.  Oh well.
 26 February still: Most unimpressed with having to be photographed again, I just took off the cardy and took a happy snappy...
 ... and took another happy snappy of the next nappy about to be put on.  I love this pale soft greeny colour, and this was a custom-fit jobbie for the wee guy when he was realllly wee: I took a few centimetres out of the middle section and it was a much better fit on his skinny legs (or "lucky legs" as Grandad once called the wee guy).
27 February: Sans chocolate brown Nature Baby pants, this is what the wee guy wore to his little buddy's 1st birthday party.  The sage green handknit kimono sweater, with the matching booties my aunty knit with leftover wool from the kimono.  Lovin' it!

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