Tuesday, February 08, 2011

PHB: Day 65

All dressed up and ready to go to our favourite music activity!  Tuesday mornings full of singing, dancing, socialising, morning tea, fluffies for kids and real coffees for the parents... soumds like too much fun!  Almost like a Saturday night.  Without beer.  Or cocktails.  Or a sober driver.  Who am I kidding, that is my Saturday night reality now!
The new kid even had his first date - there was a little one week old baby girl there, so we sat their capsules side-by-side so they could get to know each other better while us bigger people went nuts.  Cuuuute!!

Nature Baby organic cotton red&white stripes, Mum's garter stitch cardy, and some darrrrling little crochet boots with super duper soft sheepskin soles from my Magpie friend.  Well... actually this was outfit #2 after the big red&white striped all-in-one suit got very wet. 

And those of you in the know, yes I was a dreadful mother keeping him up just so I could get a quick pic of his outfit.  Those little fists spell T-I-R-E-D!!

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