Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PHB: 1-2 February (Days 58 & 59)

 What a thoughtful look on the new kid's little face!
1 February was a bit of a crazy day - I was so tired in the morning after being up every other hour that clothes were kinda grabbed for and thrown on even during the day.  Here we have hand-me-down Pumpkin Patch socks and dome-front cotton cardy, with three handmade items: the little green slippers that are almost too little, a pocket nappy made by yours truly (white PUL with a red suedecloth lining and matching red resin snaps), and a lovely cotton bib which was a gift from my team leader for my casual job. 
 Oh big smiles!  For our morning outing on 2 February, the new kid wore another homemade pocket nappy (soft green PUL with a white microfleece lining), a Nature Baby onesie, Bobux boots and the square-necked sideways-knitted vest that was never really finished off.
 After outfit one was promptly peed on, we had a quick change into another version of the sideways-knitted vest, worn over a Naturally BabyKids all-in-one.  I added some bark brown sleeves to it, and attempted to knit the crocheted neckline ... it didn't turn out so well.  But this year I'm determined to learn the art of crochet!
Hmm.  Looks like he'll take after his big bro in terrorising Conan (the most annoying Tonkinese cat around).  Tummy time has never been so much fun!

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