Monday, January 31, 2011

PHB: Days 51 - 57 (25-31 January) ... I'm up to date now, whoop whoop!

It's only taken me 8 weeks but after this I can do a daily update... finally!!
25 January: The favourite merino vest... and an altered version of the Wee Weka small pocket nappy pattern.  The wee guy was also called "Lucky Legs" by my father-in-law ... that is, lucky they don't snap!  So most washable nappies were too gapey at the leg.  I shortened the centre of the pattern and they fit really well, and the new kid is over 5kg now and they fit him perfectly. 
26 January: This old JK Kids onesie with blue/choc stripe goes nicely with the socks and slippers.  I know it looks a little nerdy but hey, at least it keeps the slippers on for a liiiittle bit longer!

27-28 January: Pure Patch (organic cotton range from Pumpkin Patch) onesie from my sister-in-law, worn over cloth nappies for these two days.  I won the dolly in a big bag of goodies from Craft 2.0 market last year, and kept her just in case I had a girl.  Little did I know the new kid would enjoy 'talking' to her so much whilst on the change table!  So she's a keeper.  Boys can have dolls too.  So there.  (And now I realllly want to start sewing dolls for all my friends' daughters' birthdays this year!!  I even found a pattern for home use here.  Super cute!)
29 January: When I was holed up in hospital for weeks and weeks and weeks before the wee guy was born in 2008, Catherine (again, of imba fame) dropped in a care package with CH'I - my favourite drink, even without the vodka - a crunchie bar, a puzzle book, some other goodies, and these darling little booties (with a matching hat too!).  I'm a lucky girl.
30 January: Lemon booties that were a gift (with a cardy which is a little big and too warm for this summer weather) from one of my oldest friends, after she found out about PHB. 
31 January: This day was crazy!  It started off overcast and cold, then ended up muggy and hot!  So the new kid started off in a Pure Patch singlet, a knitted vest I bought at a Plunket 2nd Hand Sale for about $4, and a Nature Baby long-sleeved onesie ... and ended up in much less!  He's having a kickabout with no nappy on and the big blue hearty cloth next to him is a burp cloth (tutorial here) I repurposed from an old towel that belonged to my Nanna, and the top is some cotton fabric I made a few dribble bibbles from in early 2010.  They are super-quick to make, and it was great to have a quick and easy project as an excuse to pull out Naomi the Janome again.

ahhh.  There we go, all up to date.  Now let's see if I can keep up the pace and not get so far behind!

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