Thursday, January 13, 2011

PHB: Day 21 (Boxing Day)

Christmas Day in our family alternates - one year it's with my family, the other it'll be with my husband's.  So either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day will be spent with the 'other' family.

We were in for a big treat this year - Christmas Day had been scorching hot for this summer's standards, and Boxing Day was a disappointment, particuarly for my older sister who was planning a family feast at her new macrocarpa table on their new-this-year deck (we're still talking 2010 here).  It was windy.  Like, REALLY windy.

The rest of us didn't mind one bit.  She planned and beautifully executed a 5 course feast for the (pause while I count in my head) eight of us (well there were 9 but only eight of us on solid food).  Their big java table has eight seats and we had eight big appetites!

The new kid had a contrast to Christmas Day's red and white festive ware, and simply wore his darling wee green booties whilst wrapped up in a white cotton wrap over his merino singlet. 

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