Friday, January 21, 2011

PHB: Days 34 - 40 (January 8-14) - nearly caught up!

 Here's another week's worth of Project Handmade Baby - hopefully by February I will have completely caught up and I can just do daily posts!

8 January: the new kid is wearing a beautiful cream hand-knitted wool cardigan.  I scored this one from the local Plunket Second-Hand Sale for $5, and it's a darling.

9 January: Yep, still wearing the same cardigan.  As I've mentioned before, the new kid isn't a super-spiller like his older brother, so we have the joy of having much less washing, and far fewer changes of outfits!
10 January: A whole outfit from my lovely friend's label imba.  She has a blog here, and an online store here and also sells through other online stores, craft markets and elsewhere.  We met over 2 years ago while both up the duff with our first babies.  Coincidentally both of us had started making bibs when the babies were wee as we both had spiller-babes, and we had also started gifting/selling them.  My goshorty business was more of a hobby (and still is really!) whereas she has dedicated a heap of time to imba and it is now a successful business, allowing her to be a work-at-home Mum.  (Or WAHM as the online community would have it).  This little outfit was a 'Welcome to Our World' gift for the new kid, and if you want one yourself you can buy the bib through her online store, and the softy waffle cotton pants and beautiful thick cotton top (with binding to match the pants, love it!!) can be purchased at stores listed on the left-hand side of her blog.  

10 January: Mum came to spend the day with me and the boys, so I made sure the new kid was sporting a top that she had given him.  A lady she knows suffers from extreme physical limitations, but she still manages to buy darling little clothes, muslin wraps and more, and hand-embroider them.  This dark blue top has three little bumblebees embroidered on it, and I also popped the goshorty cream merino pants on him.

11 January: The little OshKosh playsuit looked rather cute under the hand-knitted cardy from my aunty.  Plus it was a warm day so the lace-style knit was good to keep some air flowin'!

12 January: I am a bit of a Nature Baby junkie when it comes to newborn clothing and stripy stuff for older kidlets...  but peek-a-boo!  There's a singlet knitted for the NICU that the wee guy wore home underneath!  Also hiding in the corner of the bassinette is a bunny, hand knitted by a colleague (and friend) of mine.  It even has its own little scarf!

13&14 January: Some darrrling knitted booties I won from a craft market in a big bag of goodies...  Local hand-knitter supreme Supurlative knitted these babies and I just love them!  They stay on without requiring ties or  buttons and they're thick and luxurious.  Definitely worth a look, and I wish I'd known about her earlier - not just for my kids but also for baby shower gifties!

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imba said...

What a wonderful project! what a cute little lad! thanks for the link-back, and good luck with the ongoing project :-) Cheers,