Wednesday, January 05, 2011

PHB: Day 15 (20 December 2010)

So close to Christmas, yet still no sign of Summer sun returning. This calls for cardigans!

Mum's cream cardigan, knitted all in garter stitch, made a comeback.

The new kid is also lying on a very favourite blanket we've 'borrowed' from the wee guy - while still pregnant I left my job in such a hurry when I was very ill, so never had a farewell with the kids I taught or their parents... but one mum had been knitting this amazing blanket which the wee guy adores! I always think of her when I look at it, and feel so honoured that so many hours and so much love went into making it. This woman is an inspirational 'earth mother' type, and although I probably won't ever follow her footsteps of veganism or living in a house where you have to scale some serious steps to get up there (internal access garage for me!!) I love her take on life and how to live it.

I haven't gotten around to attempting a blanket for the new kid myself (it's on the growing list of Things To Do).

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