Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first bunch of flowers!

The wee guy had a lovely walk outside with his Nanna last week.  When they came back I heard him plod rather excitedly through the hallway to find me, and show me the handful of flowers that had been picked on the journey.  "Daisyyy, Dooover (clover), Dandeyion..." he told me all about them.

I wish I'd been quicker and taken a photo of him clutching them with both hands...

How precious.  My first bunch of flowers from my first baby.

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liltoastfairy said...

Beeeeoooootiful!! I can just see the grin it would have brought to your face, and the pride on his wee face too. Gorgeous people! :OD
*squee* just makes me happy to know that I know cool folk like you. *HUG*