Wednesday, January 05, 2011

PHB: Day 13&14 (18-19 December 2010)

The Wellington NICU has a fantastic support network for families, the Neonatal Trust (which also looks after NICU and SCBU families across the country). When the wee guy was in NICU I purchased their knitting book 'Knitting for Prems' which has been around for decades, and has some lovely patterns in it. The community of lovely knitters who donate vests, cardigans, booties and beanies to the unit for sale or use do an amazing job, and many of them use the patterns in the book. I wish I could tell them all how special they are, as it was a real highlight to not only 'graduate' our son to an open air bassinette where he got to wear clothes for the first time, but to dive into boxes of knitted goods and be a little spoilt for choice in selecting garments with so much love put into them.

There is a favourite pattern of mine in the Knitting for Prems book, which was obviously used with the merino vest that the new kid has worn a lot - a sideways knitted singlet. For days 13 & 14 he sported the wee vest which I knitted using an 4-ply wool yarn (I think... memory is hazy!) and never fully completed the vest, but it's now in use with its second wearer. I must have very kind friends and family as nobody's commented on the boxy neckline which is missing a few rows! I hadn't yet learned how to pick up stitches from the edge of a knitted garment, so my argument is that it has personality. Worth a try!

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