Sunday, February 06, 2011

PHB: Day 64 (7 February)

Today was another pocket nappy day, and seen tucked up inside a sling that my friend made for me to wear my baby in, check out these darling little fuzzy booties!!  They are soooo soft.  My friend/colleague/co-volunteer gave them to me last week and told me the lady who makes them calls them "Fluffy Fings" ... us being ex-teachers had a wee cringe at the 'fings' but it was soon forgotten looking at them in all their softy goodness. 
The same friend gave me a plate of baking (yo-yos or melting moments??) that I thoroughly enjoyed... so much so that my skinny jeans that I was 'back into' are no longer doing up so well.  But it was soooo worth it.  Rom nom nom nom.

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