Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PHB Days 73 - 80 (16-23 February)

 Eek!  Another week rushing by... and up to Day 80 without missing one day - my little boy is still wearing at least one handmade item every single day.

One thing I haven't covered sufficiently is his BIB collection... he has handmade bibs from the goshorty range, imba design, and a few others gifted to him when he was born.  It's on the list of things to do: to photograph him wearing some bibs or even just to get some snaps of the collection.

So here goes, another week in the Project Handmade Baby house!
16 February: I was going in to my alma mater to teach a class, so decided to pop on these darling bright yellow booties which were a gift from a peer of mine.  We met at that school in 1994 (argh!!) and are still regularly in touch so many years later.  So it was a little symbolic for me.
17 February: the sideways knitted singlet from the wee guy's NICU days is really starting to fall apart so I really should pack it away or give it to Mum for some TLC and repair...
18 February: ...but maybe just one more day's wear out of it??
19-20 February: this photo taken in the wee small hours of the morning of 20 February.  The onesie was a hand-me-down from a friend whose daughter (3 months younger than the wee guy) grew out of it so the wee guy, being wee for his age, wore it.  I suppose it could be called a hand-me-up??  Anyway it's a great match with the imba pants which I am putting on the new kid as often as I can before he grows out of them.
21 February: Excited about heading over to visit a very dear friend who works from home as an interior designer.  Or should I say an interiweir designer??  My aunty knitted the kimono cardy with the pattern I provided her care of Ravelry, and she knitted some matching booties.  Aren't they just darling!  And the smile... so sweet!
22 February: Expecting to see the giver of these fluffy booties at our Tuesday morning music thingie, I put them on with his matching Nature Baby pants.  She didn't show.  Boo.  BUT I did see in my email yesterday that Nature Baby are having a sale!!  BE STILL MY BEATING CREDIT CARD!!!
23 February: Having a laugh with Nanna, the new kid is sporting the imba pants (again), and kicked off in the distance are some little blue booties that match in colour quite well.  It's a shame my kids are true kiwi kids, and shun all things footwear!

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ggrr said...

Loving your regular updates. I swear he gets cuter (and you more talented) everyday!