Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Monarch butterflies.  They really are a thing of beauty.
The gold on the chrysalis is simply magic.

Mum turned up with a swan plant with some teeny little caterpillars crawling over it a few weeks back.  The wee guy comes into the garage with me now when I do loads of washing, and chats to the caterpillars and we talk about how they eat lots and lots, turn into a chrysalis, then emerge as a beautiful butterfly.  The way he talks about them just warms my heart!!  "Wwwooooowwww.  Datter-piyyar.  Butterfy.  Beeuuutiful."

Last week the first of our butterflies emerged.  I thought the wee guy would be over the moon when he saw them, but he lost the plot and reacted with his whole body when the beauty and grandeur of the monarch butterfly stretching its wings happened before him.  I realised then that to him, a butterfly is a whole lot larger than it is to me.  But it was unexpected, unknown, new and frightening, and he just needed to shed a few tears until the shock passed.

Two days ago a 6.3 magnitude earthquake roared through Christchurch, half the country away from me.  It was so huge I felt it here.  After 5 months of significant earthquakes after the initial 7.1 in September last year, the city truly was a dog kicked while it was down.  Buildings fell, lives were lost, people were broken.  I watched the news coverage of the tragedy as it unfolded.  Unexpected, unknown, frightening.  I just needed to shed some tears until the shock passed.

All of a sudden my own problems were put in perspective. 

Christchurch.  Our thoughts are with you.  I'm praying for a miracle... and if not a miracle then comfort for all.  My friends in the Garden City are all accounted for but many are not so lucky.


liltoastfairy said...

man! I thought I had shed all the tears I was going to about Chch the other night - and I don't normally cry for nothing! Even B noted it a while back.
But your beautiful words have brought tears to my eyes.... such a tradegy, words seem inadequate. and my loved ones are safe too.
Yet still I seem to be mourning. For a town I have visited a handful of times and people I don't know. disconcerting.

shorty said...

thanks LTF. It sure is a sad, sad situation. I think I still have trouble getting my head around it because since the early 1990s everyone's been talking about how Wellington is overdue to get "the big one" and I almost feel we've dodged a bullet.
Now I just have that awkward thing of trying to find the words to say to members of my extended family who have lost loved ones, or friends who have friends still missing.