Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PHB Days 66 - 72 (9-15 February)

Wow, 72 days and I haven't dropped the baton yet.  Yay!
Another 'digest' version as I've been busy trying to get my wee baby well established with breastfeeding... between reflux, mechanical problems and a very tired mummy I have a growing to-do list (rather than fluctuating as it usually is!).
9-10 February:  All dressed up to go to Mummy's first class of the year, and definitely ready for a nap in the car on the way there!  Garter stitch newborn sized cardy from my mum, and the crochet sheepskin booties.  Toasty pie!

11 February: The lovely handknit vest I scored for a few dollars from a 2nd hand sale. 

12 February: "Yes, I'd like to say something!"  I must upload a pic of this cardy on to Ravelry where I got the pattern from.  It is just so delicious, and the cotton meant it was perfect for the warm weather without baking the baby.
13 February: The handknit vest again ... plenty more wear in this one!

14 February: Supurlative booties - I think they're probably a leeettle bit too small but hey, as long as they stay on, they're goin' on!  It is SUCH a delicious colour.
15 February: Awwww streeeetch!  Must be time for a growth spurt again - the new kid did a lot of feeding and a lot of sleeping, so the handmade item he 'wore' for most of the day was the giant muslin swaddling wrap.

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