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Lab Rat Series: Nutrimetics Restore Set

Welcome to the new series!  Lab Rat Series.  I toyed with the name Crash Test Mummy but it just didn't quiiiite fit, so Lab Rat it is!.  Occasionally I get the opportunity to take products for a road test and feed back to the folks who either created them, or sell them.

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Sooo... I figured I'd share the love!

I have a wonderful friend Trish who is a Nutrimetics Consultant, as well as having a team of ladies under her wing who do the same.  She asked for some faces to test the new Restore skincare range.  You can check it out a bit more on her website linked here

This was a bit of a blind test for me: I was given three clear containers which were unmarked (except for a little sticker saying which was the cleanser, the toner and the moisturiser) and asked to use it morning and night for a week.  Here's what I found:

My Skin: probably what you'd describe as combination ... or perhaps even extreme combination.  I have reasonably sensitive skin which will be dry (like scaly dry) on my forehead, neck, and between my eyes, oily on my nose and normal on the rest of the face, but I am very prone to hormonal spots around my chin and blackheads on my jawline.  I also inherited high colouring so it doesn't take much to make me look pink!

The Cleanser: you only need to use a teensy tiny bit of this and apply to a wet face, or add a little water to your palm and work up into a soft microfoam.  It smells delicious, it feels gentle yet effective, and I continued using it after the week's trial time was up.

The Toner: thicker than all the other toners I have used in the past.  It is a rich formula which Trish recommended I water down by putting it on a wet cotton pad (instead of straight on a dry pad then straight on the skin).  Smelt great and gave a good tingle, but was a little too harsh for my skin - even using it really watered down would leave my skin very red for around an hour after using it. 

The Moisturiser: light and easy to apply.  It spread thinly over my skin and dried quickly, without leaving any extra shine or residue feel.

After the week was out I evaluated my skin... the wrinkles sadly hadn't subsided magically (don't worry, am just joking!) my skin was clean and similar to when I had begun the test.  The biggest change I noticed was that the dry, scaly forehead I started the week with, which had been thick and dry for a couple of months, had magically become smoother and noticeably softer.  Great result!

Who would I recommend it to?  Probably ladies with normal skin and dry (but not sensitive) skin.  After finishing the trial I checked out the website and saw that it is intended for normal or normal to oily skin.

There we go.  Lab Rat Series has begun!  Tune in next week where I review Womama's Organic Cotton Birthing Wrap Dress.  Long name, short dress, absolute Godsend.

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