Monday, September 05, 2011


perfection.  my little man sleeping in his cot.  
31 August - I love instagram!  PHB items: cloth nappies, brown overalls with nz merino lining, handknit blankie.

 1 September - PHB items: lots (LOTS) of bibs including this darling from imba (a vintage one at that hehe!) and homemade nappies.
 2 September - PHB items: chocolate brown nz merino lined overalls, bibs, and the brown and cream striped beanie.
 3 September - Paired with the Tigger onesie is the blue pattern-knit hoodie which kept the new kid toasty warm... until he chucked all over it. 
 4 September - Fathers Day in NZ!  This is the outfit I'm starting to call his loungesuit - the cowpokes kimono matches the Pureborn Organics pants just perfect!  But alas, gingernuts are the new fabric paint so it spends a fair bit of time in the wash.
and another finished project for the week!  I started making this hoodie for our little friend Kalliana's 3rd birthday, but used the wrong material (it was a fine corduroy which didn't have nearly enough stretch in it *facepalm*) and when another friend attempted to try it on for size on her 2yo and it wouldn't budge past her shoulders... well we went for plan B!
So this one was finished off without the sleeve cuffs, and with a much bigger opening at the front, and fingers crossed my friend's 1yo will get a bit of wear out of it before it's too late. 
... I must get on to making a couple for my own kids ...

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