Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Most of the second half of August has rushed past in a very temperamental weather range, and I didn't manage to get a daily photo every day... but here goes!  (excuse the raw photos, with a head full of a cold I simply haven't had the energy to crop or fix any.  *le sigh*!)

18-19 August: Getting the last few 'wears' out of the green kimono top.   And check out that fat cloth nappy bum!  Love it!
 20 August - off to a friend's engagement party (and celebrating us Shorty parents being married for 6 years ... where did that time go!).  The little hoodie is a Squidgyums one, it's very sweet but sadly not made for bigger-than-average heads!  It is a size 2 but we still had to perform an episiotomy of sorts to fit it over his head. 
 21 August... and it was that much effort to get it on that we left it on for another day.
 22-24 August oooh spooky shot!  We enjoyed the odd bit of sun but it was still fuh-reezing outside, so the cable knit grey cardy got lots of wear and the little kiddo stayed nice and warm.

 25 August: The little kimono top.  Paired with some matching natural coloured pants and it was like a little lounge suit.  Lovin' it!

26 August... now where is the picture of the stripy Suz jersey?!  Gahh!!
 27 August: Ooh I do love Hipstamatic prints from the iPhone app!!
This is a bib I found during my 40 bags in 40 days challenge - a little imba bib tucked down the back of the wee guy's wardrobe!  I love that it's so close to cow print...
 28 August: and another app I love: Instagram!  Chowing down a lovely Cruskit with a little retro bib - I just had to try and capture it with a retro-look/feel shot.  Love that blonde hair and those gorgeous cheeks!
 29 August: We rocked the chocolate brown overalls mostly, and lots of bibs (including this brand-newie dribble bibble with rubber duckie flannel!).  Then lots of spilling happened, along with plenty of outfit changes.  Hmm.  Maybe too soon to take him off the reflux medication?  I hope not!
30 August: and still more outfit changes.  A bit more of the green cardy (which is just delicious but I'm sure he'll hate me later for putting it on him!) and a lot more of blanket changes, bib changes... groan.

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