Monday, August 01, 2011

Five Loves #2

After last week's Five Loves effort (linking to Paisley Jade) I noticed the positive effect doing Five Loves had on my daily life.  I notice the 'little things' more and it maketh this mama smile.


So here goes!  Five things I'm loving this week:

 Mini tracing cars.  $10 Buy Now set from Trade Me.  Mr T loves lining them up and letting them go all at once, or staggered like his Nanna does.. it even gets The Excited Dance!  (big seal of approval in our house)
 Organic cotton bib - I made 2 megamess bibs from a fat quarter ordered from Sew Pretty.  Looove it. 
 Another $10 Trade Me purchase.  LaFawnduh is hanging out in her new stroller and I love that my 2 year old SON loves to push her around.  Boys can play with dolls too.  So there.  (Just that she will be pushed around in the stroller and hugged more, but dressed up and re-dressed less than if I had a daughter I think!)
 My crochet hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been confidently 'hooking' for a week now, I love it!!
 Good magazine.  It's really good.
I only discovered it 2 issues ago and I love it more than YH&G for homely advice.  Less gloss, more sound advice.  'sgood.


Jenny said...

It sounds like you're 'hooked' he he. I love my crochet hook too - so easy as so portable (Easier than carting a sewing machine or knitting needles around.) I haven't pulled mine out in a while though - perhaps I should.

And I will be sure to check out 'Good' mag. I'm a big YH and G fan so I bet I'd like this too. :) Jenny

PaisleyJade said...

Love your list - especially the crochet part!! ;)