Monday, August 01, 2011


Almost the rest of July ... and I'm realising that I've missed a few PHB items, argh!  There is a little lime green and aqua blue beanie which has been on PH Baby's head half a dozen times this month but I haven't managed to get a photo of it yet?!

So... almost the rest of July goes like this: every day was pocket nappies (no pictures 'cause it was too cold to capture!) and bibs, and the rest:
 23 July: bibs galore!  A friend loaned me a Bumbo seat as I was thinking of buying one - good thing I didn't as it's great for all of 2 minutes before Mr B starts sliding around, leaning one side then the other, arching his back and getting a right little grizzle on.  (I love this little face!  Also looking at that slightly spiky hair at the back, it looks like he might be like his big brother and have a Mini-hawk where despite all efforts it still sticks up in the middle.  Lovin' it!)
 24 July: Brrr, a chilly day calls for some lovely JK snowbaby merino, a thick cotton Country Road jumpsuit, and the beanie crocheted by Ches.  (PS Ches, Mum gave me a crochet lesson!  You're right, it's so portable and quick!)
 25 July: lots of bibs, the chocolate brown overalls, and the blue sideways knitted vest. 
 26 July: the final wearing of the grey hoodie my friend Catherine made.  I say final as he's smiling in the shot, but had a scarlet-faced tantrum while I squished his body around to squeeze him into it.  I think it's bound for storage now!

 27-28 July: It's all a big joke!  Wedged into the highchair again, I forgot to give him a bib but the little cowpokes kimono's 3 layers kept him dry enough.  If you haven't seen them yet, the Mocka highchairs (designer?) are seriously easy to wipe clean - award-winning even - and the tray is nice and big for spreading food around.
 29 July: this lovely pair of booties were knitted by Mr B's great-grandmother.  She made them nice and long thank goodness, so he'll get plenty of wearing time!
 Ummmm... Mum gave me a crochet lesson so I embarked on a new project (more on that later) but as you can see, I had to frog the first attempt as it was going to be miles too big!  FAIL!!
30 July: Doing a bit of IT stuff with Daddy, all snuggled up in the blue pattern-knit hoodie. 

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Look at that blonde hair on Benji - So cute!