Wednesday, August 17, 2011


12 August: no photos.  Was just another nappies and bibs day, nothing exciting.

 13 August: the stripy set from Suz's mum.  The weather was turning a fair bit so it was definitely wrap-up-warm (and matching!) climes.
14 August: Before the snow arrived... just for a change I put the kid in a teddy bear suit for church (drove all the young'uns nuts with cute overload I think) and bibs from goshorty.  We were visiting our friend's new little puppy Gizmo, she is a little bichon/tibetan spaniel and cute as a button so I think he was a bit worn out from some cute-overload himself!  
 14/15 August: SNOW!  I have been SUPER excited about it!  30 years living in this city and there has NEVER been snow that has actually settled on the ground in that time.  We had HEAPS.  So the knitted hoodie and orange beanie came in handy for checking out the white stuff.  While the new kid napped, we took his older brother out and made Roman the Snowman - Mr Shorty lived in the USA during the blizzard of 1995 so he was our resident pro.  (and remarkably unfazed by the snow.  bah humbug I say!)
 16 August: While big fat snowflakes fell down outside we stayed close to the window and checked it out!  Handmade stuff for the day was the hoodie, bibs, nappies, blah blah blah.  Not as excited about PHB because outside it was SNOWING!!!
17 August: Cabin fever had well and truly set in, and we were a bit over being indoors for long, long days.  So to mix it up I pulled out a pair of blue overalls (with an old-school hand-embroidered horse-with-straw-hat panel on the front) for Project Handmade Baby.

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