Sunday, August 07, 2011

Pimp My Noticeboard

Item #2 in the 'Pimp My...' series: my noticeboard!

I love this material.  It's light cotton, a beautiful print that I love, and if I was material I would marry it. 

So one of the lovely projects I've enjoyed doing is pimping my noticeboard:
Pretty new noticeboard!  Love!!!

 I cut it to size and glued under and over the material with Mod Podge to attach it securely to the corkboard.  I also had some lovely clear, purple and dark raspberry pink drawing pins that coordinate so well with it!  Love it.  I had ideas that it would be an inspiration board, but I found I had more inspiration 'stuff' than space and it was swamping the pretty fabric.  So for now it's just a here's-that-voucher and there's-a-cute-pic board.

And a gift from my brother - a medallion of St Gerard, the patron saint of mothers, particularly those with tough pregnancies.  He gave it to me when I was in hospital early in the third trimester with Mr T, and I really treasure it.  If it's not around my neck, it's on my noticeboard.

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