Thursday, August 11, 2011


August so far...
 1 August: my first crochet effort!  I've since learnt that what I thought was an 'hdc' stitch I was doing was actually 'sc' so this hat ended up a bit, well, munted.  But I love the little monkey hat and am working on some more little crochet things now that I know how!  Also in the pic are the handmade bib, dolly and blanket.
 2 August: Dribble bibble with monkey muslin
 3 August: Charcoal grey cable knit cardigan and matching beanie, knitted by my mother-in-law for the wee guy.
 4 August: the matching stripy beanie which was knitted with leftover wool from this cardy I knitted while pregnant and not sure if I was having a blue or pink baby.  It's miles too big even now!
 5-7 August ... the weekend of the fever.  Poor kid was bouncing between 38-40deg temperatures and he spent the weekend in nappy and muslin, and little more.
 8 August: nappies galore!
 9 August: these are some little slippers knitted by the boys' great-grandmother, they now have a couple of pairs each and in lots of beautiful colours!  And she must know how fussy I am, they are all in 100% wool.  Thanks Grandma!
 10 August: still not feeling too well (hence the dummy, I think it soothes his poor sore throat) we headed out to visit friends and kept the little head warm with the monkey beanie.  and the Dr Seuss bib caught a bit of the baby chuck.  poor little kid doesn't respond well to the new drugs.
11 August: handmade galore!  monkey beanie, brown overalls and cowpokes kimono.


liltoastfairy said...

You truly are an AMAZING woman!! I'm so in awe :O)

and thanks for all the times you've made me laugh.... so precious to me :O)

shorty said...

you're so lovely, thanks for the encouragement!
... and remember how awesome I am for the next 7 seconds while you read about how I still have your pitcher from when you dropped off the homemade lemonade... sorries!!
hehe you make me laugh a lot too. every time I go to read your blog and click the 'are you sure' button I giggle about how it's like a guilty pleasure to enter!