Saturday, July 30, 2011

'Pimp My...' Series: Pimp My Laundry Hamper

Welcome to my next little series!  The 'Pimp My...' Series.  I was inspired by this post on one of my favourite crafty blogs, and I have 3 projects on the hop at the moment.

As of tonight I have just 2 on the hop as I have finished the first.  Whoop whoop!

So... when I was walking through The Warehouse searching in vain for hot water bottles (at the beginning of winter, nowhere to be seen, grrrr!!!) I saw a stack of these:
Don't be fooled by the $9.00 barcode sticker - there was another sticker hidden on the packaging that said $9.99 and guess how much they charged me ... double-grrrr!

My thoughts went immediately to some Marimekko print cotton I had at home and decided this would be the next project for ME.  Not for the boys, for ME.  Something beautiful to have in the house that is also useful and makes me smile.  (And fingers crossed, will not be hijacked to store some of Mr T's collection of balls.)

So I took it home, checked it out, took a couple of shots to remember how it originally looked...
Ugly, scratchy nylon-y, and pink... and in the background is a small collection of the enormous number of balls in this house.

Note that it is sewn on, so if it gets dirty and needs a wash you have to do it by hand as it won't 'slip' off the metal frame.
Then I cut the ugly scratchy nylon-y pink fabric off, laid it out on the Marimekko fabric, cut out the fabric, added a few seams here and there, and VOILA!!  I have a beautiful new laundry hamper!
Yay!  Yes it's a bit lopsided but that's what you get for rushing things...

The material is attached by resin snaps for easy removal - handy for washing, repairs or fixing up the rush-job mistakes.  Oops!
Yay!  My very own Marimekko laundry hamper.  This will be sure to make it easier to see what is washing and what is still on the floordrobe in our ensuite. 


Jenny said...

awesome! Absolutely love it ... I have been working on some 'laundry art' because its nice to have something to smile about when you do the laundry. :)

Broni said...

You Mrs Short are truely a domestic goddess and I love you so much xxx Keep creating! xxx

shorty said...

Shucks, thanks ladies! I do my best :o)
And yes, Jenny, it's great to have something to smile at while doing the laundry 'cause there's always soooo much these days! I think it'll be a cloth nappy free zone though!