Monday, July 11, 2011


24 June - covering some of the orange brilliance of the Mokopuna longsuit (I think that's what they call them?) is the bark brown sideways knitted jumper.  Mr B is also having a wriggle around on a quilt made for his older brother's bassinette by another lovely friend's mother.  This is the 'Nanna side' and the other side is very bright and funky.  It's something I will always treasure: originally started for the NICU in Hutt Hospital, it was then finished off for my little premmie baby when he came home from another NICU.

(You should really check out her blog, Delusional Girl.  It's like a dirty little secret when you visit as it has a Content Warning before you can read it.  There ain't anything dirty in it, just some very frank views with the odd touch of potty-mouth for good measure.  This is one amazing mother who doesn't care much for how others judge her, but places great importance on her tribe of children learning about individuality and being true to themselves.)

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liltoastfairy said...

Awwwwww!! Schucks, fanx!

*squee* I think you're awesome too y'know. *huuuuug* :OD