Thursday, July 21, 2011


 5 July - I am soooo in love with this Little Cowpokes print that I put on the front of the organic cotton kimono.  When I have a few spare dollars I am going to order more to make some bigger clothes as this one won't fit him for much longer!
 6 July - The handmade item for today is the wool hoodie made by my friend Catherine. 

 7 July - trying out the borrowed Bumbo seat, and attempting to get a spoon in his mouth...  The organic cotton megamess bib (one of many bibs for the day!) is one of the PHB items.

 8 July - another day, another bib!  Still not sure if we like the Bumbo seat though.  Mr B has also been wearing the stripy jersey a lot as it is a perfect fit, and the beanie makes an appearance when he hasn't pulled it off his head.

 9 July - more of the kimono.  The brown bias binding is very old - it was passed on to me when my mother emptied out my late grandmother's sewing supplies - there are metres of ric rac in some darling colours as well, but I haven't found many projects for little lads that use ric rac just yet...

 10 July - all ready to face another chilly winter's day, Mr B's hanging out in his handmade overalls and the blue onesie which matches the choc-blue striped merino lining.  The beanie, made from leftover wool, gets sooo many comments!
The mat he is lying on was made for his brother... Mr T was dragging around some minky fabric one day and I asked "would you like me to make you a special blankie?" to which he enthusiastically replied, "YES!!", so I spent all night cutting, pinning, sewing, topstitching and even doing a tight zigzagged outline of one of the dinosaur shapes in the corner of the blanket, only to be met by lukewarm reviews the next day.  I think my friends who responded to my facebook status about how I was going to surprise Mr T with a blankie the next morning were more excited than he!  *sigh*.
11 July - I've been having a little fun figuring out Hipstamatic/Instagram/Retro Camera applications on my birthday iPhone, and this shot reminds me of some of the summery pictures and films my parents took of my older siblings when we lived in Australia.  The PHB items in this shot are the chocolate brown overalls, and in the foreground (to the left, to the left) is a little toy I made which is a real favourite: strips of stretchy jersey cotton tied in a little spidery bundle.  Mr B is really into his textures and it's perfectly safe to pop in his mouth!

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