Wednesday, July 06, 2011

PHB Days 190-191 New Threads!

 14 June - Can't tell you how excited I am about these dungarees.  I'm reworking the pattern to create new sizes and make it fit a bit better, but I made these overalls using chocolate brown ripstop and lined with light blue and chocolate striped merino.  I made them in one night and am really excited about the next version which will be added to the goshorty line. 
 ... and here's the back view.  Delicious!
15 June: And here's the second kimono I made from the pattern, only this one I made shorter and changed the front panel so that there was no need for bias binding all the way around the front; just around the neck line.  I used organic cotton jersey knit, and the panel is a darling little cowpokes fat quarter I ordered from Sew Pretty a while back.  The ties are great for lengthening the wearing ages of the garment but they are fiddly and annoying so I think I'll whip out the snap press for the next size up!


liltoastfairy said...

you are amazing!! So jealous of your sewing talent and that you find time to do it!!
Have you thought about keeping the ties on the kimono but having them attached with the snaps (at one end at least) - then you get the handyness of both able to lengthen them and ease of use of the snaps. I know it may not work with the bias binding, but could use slightly wider straps of the material used for the main part of the garment.
Just a thought. *hug* :OD
Also? we should catch up again. I could use some laughter in my life right about now....

shorty said...

Thanks for the suggestions LTF! Yes I can always do with more laughter... Especially with someone like you who is as silly as me! Xx