Saturday, July 23, 2011


 12 June - our Tuesday morning music  group had a 'dress like an animal' theme (and I forgot, typical!) but they were prepared and popped a tiger headband on Mr T's head.  It lasted all of 3 minutes.  Project Handmade Baby items as seen in the picture are the orange/pumpkin beanie, and the little cowpokes kimono.
(I nearly cried... after my last post I visited my friend Catherine who gave me a half yard of the material that she had in the cupboard and no intention of using it any time soon.  I have wonderful friends.)

 13 July: Stripy jersey, bus print linen bib and duck booties.  Plus other bibs and pocket cloth nappies.

 14 July: a 5am trip to after-hours.  Swollen fontanelle and a bit of a temp.  A girl's gotta be sure, right?  We got all rugged up to face the wind and cold, and made sure the knitted beanie and blankie were wrapped around him all snug.

 15 July: Starbucks.  A Country Road all-in-one.  A matching crochet beanie (thanks Ches!).  And the pocket sling Cathryn made for me.  I have great friends.

 16 July: a little play with Hipstamatic gave me this retro shot of Mr B in a bright green cardy (another $4 find at a Plunket 2nd Hand Sale) playing with a bandana filled with Roses' chocolates wrappers, and lying on the Dino blanket I made.

 17 July: Mr Short gets a double cuddle from Mr T in his soccer uniform, and Mr B in his stripy jersey.  Also another big bibs and pocket nappies day - antibiotics are not my friend, 'specially where cloth nappies are concerned!

18 July: another slight photo-fail: today's hippy little PHB garment was these knitted longies I found at the Plunket sale for about $8.  They're a little short but look very retro.

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