Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PHB201-206 The Last of June

 25 June - Handmade items today include bibs, nappies and the Little Cowpokes / Organic Cotton kimono.  It's soooo cute!

I'm still learning my way around Instagram and Hipstamatic on my iPhone (happy birthday iPhone!) so the pic isn't as clear or fabulous as I hoped. 
 26 June - It's all a big joke!  How can you be sad when you have duck booties on your tootsies.  And a Wigglebums handmade giraffe print nappy.  (If only it were that easy, right?!)
 27 June - Blue sideways knitted vest, panda goshorty bib and the pumpkin beanie.  (and hiding off to the side you can see a tiny bit of the chunky knitted white cowl I made for ME!  It's toasty and apparently tasty, this bub is always grabbing it and trying to eat it.)
 28 June - The charcoal grey cable knit cardy was knitted by my mother-in-law for Mr T when he was wee.  He grew a whole lot slower than his little brother is now, but we're getting a fair bit of wear out of it at the moment. 
 29 June - a bit more brother-love for ya!  It's so sweet to see the boys enjoying each other.  Handmade PHB items today are nappies, the green knitted kimono (which is looking very short-sleeved now) and of course Dolly.  Between big-bro-squishies her legs were getting a good gumming.
30 June - Some handknitted slippers from the boys' great-grandmother.  These are a gorgeous electric blue and made out of 100% wool, and I would have them on him more often but he has a talent for pulling them off and eating them so we're having the half-pair-issue.  Gahh!!

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