Thursday, July 28, 2011


 19 July - a grumpy start to the day, but we had a lovely trip to the supermarket and the boys held hands in their trolley seats - it was so precious!  PHB handnade items: nappies, beanie and overalls.

 20 July - the beanie teamed with the cardigan I knitted in cream 12-ply felted lambswool while pregnant.  And the boys are in the new buggy - hooray for my new double buggy!!

 21 July - handmade bibs and the long kimono.

 22 July - a bamboo collared cardy I knitted for Mr T, and the fave beanie.  I think it's the chunky pom-pom that makes it super cute!  Added to the current obsession with sticking out his tongue.  Nuts!

... and after chucking all over the cardy we changed into the organic cotton cowpokes kimono.  And yet another bib.  This kid sure knows how to chuck!

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