Saturday, July 16, 2011


 1 July - today's PHB handmade items to go with his new threads from Country Road (thank you Nanna!) are bibs, the duck booties, and the lovely knitted blankie from Mary's Market. 
 2 July - hidden under the new jeans are some handmade clothies, and the stripy jersey from my friend's mum.  Poor flushed wee boy - these pink cheeks were the ominous sign of a temperature.  Gah!  Another sleepless night ahead.
 3 July - someone wanted to come and join in the family dinner!  all snuggled up in his muslin blankie (and super blonde hair!). 
4 July - there is just something about bare feet on babies.  They're so cute!  Even when he has inherited his parents' big feet.  Today's PHB efforts are handmade nappies, a knitted jersey under the cotton and merino-lined overalls, and bibs.

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