Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pinned it, Did it.

Angry Birds balloons - thank you for the idea Pinterest!

One of my biggest annoyances at myself is that I absorb so many wonderful ideas and inspirations, but seldom get around to actually DOING things.  So to remedy that I've been challenging myself to DO things that I Pin on and it's been great!  I'm seeing how many of my Pins I can add a comment below to saying "Pinned it, Did it!".  I feel great about doing things around the house, and also no longer feel that Pinterest is a little bit of a timewaster.

I saw something on my friend's blog Mend and Make New called 'Pin Real Life' and my short-term memory, shot as it is, couldn't remember what the point of it was at the time, but thought it was a good idea.  Don't just Pin things, Do things.

(At this point it might be helpful to explain Pinning: if you're not yet familiar with it is a fabulous and free site which acts as a virtual pinboard.  Instead of bookmarking sites with ideas that interest you, and going back to try to find the URL or site description in a wordy list, you can organise visual images from those sites into virtual pinboards - you can have as many boards as you wish on your own Pinterest login - and add a quick description about what they are.  Then people can follow you or see your pins in the general mass of things, and if they like them they can 'like' the pin or even 'repin' it to their own pinboard.  Clear as mud?)

Take for example this Pin.  Setting up a really simple washing line on a wall in your laundry that says 'Department of Missing Socks' with pegs already attached so that lone socks might one day be rejoined with their mate.  I took one large paint chip (don't get me started on paint chips, new addiction warning!!!), threaded a length of thick felted wool yarn through it, wrote 'Department of Lone Socks' on it, added pegs and pinned it to the wall  next to my dryer.  Not only has it caused a giggle with my family, but on the first day alone I matched three pairs of teeny socks to their sad lonely mate.  Success!  So I went to that Pin, and added the comment "Pinned it, Did it!".

After my older son's Angry Birds birthday party I was able to add that comment to a few Pins as I'd gained lots of fun ideas all care of Pinterest.  The covered boxes made to look like wood blocks, the Angry Birds balloons, a bit of cupcake inspiration, and more.

So my challenge to all you other Pinners - Pin it, Do it!


Jenny said...

awesome - I love 'don't just pin it, do it' - in fact, I can invisage a T-shirt with a Nike tick and this slogan! Here's another one : "don't procastinate, create!" Cheeseballs! haha

shorty said...

Thanks Jenny! Speaking of my short-term memory being shot I realised I forgot to hyperlink your blog name. Silly me! Fixed that now.

Haha love the slogans. LOVE! (and I think I've seen a 'don't procrastinate: procreate' slogan somewhere that was picking fun at some Christian group... giggle!)