Friday, December 02, 2011

PHB Days 361-363

 Day 361: Wearing the custom-order imba hoodie teamed with some equally comfy JK Kids merino pants. 
 Day 362: This is really something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!  Something old: it is a vintage styled romper suit; something new: this is the first time the new kid has worn it; something borrowed: in a way it is borrowed as it is a hand-me-down item; and something blue: well that is pretty self-explanatory!  The romper he is wearing was a very early edition of the goshorty romper suits.  A new batch in four sizes between 3 months - 18 months is almost ready, they just need their snaps and a press and they will be in store soon.
Day 363: The wee guy's Godmother and I took the boys down to the local(ish) Christmas parade and we had a lovely time.  A certain someone was clapping their hands and tapping their goshorty-slippered feet in time with a Batucada (I think I've spelt it right!) drumming ensemble who were really loud - just the way I like it!  Little bit of a photo fail, you can only just see the slippers in the corner of the shot... oops!

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