Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40bags Zones

Welcome to those who have joined me in the 40bags challenge!  Here's my list of zones:

I mentally went around our house in my head, and wrote down 34 zones that need attention.  I've left the last 6 blank and... well, as 2012 is the year that I am KIND to myself, I can always fill them in with the odd bag of rubbish or recycling that goes out with our usual weekly stuff!  As you can see I've also allocated 2 outside zones as I have gardens that are more weed-pits than plant-spots.  I also have 4-5 different zones within our garage - just split it up to make it easier to do one zone a day (or conquer a few in one go to give yourselves days off).

The space can be as big as a whole room, or as small as a single shelf or a drawer. 

So those of you who are going to try to go the whole hog: this is your next step!  Find a sheet of paper and write 1-40, then start putting down your zones.

Next post ... the ticker begins!  I have one bag all ready to go, and one from a Mama friend ready to add to the tally.  (She is donating plenty of goodies to a store in Wainuiomata who sell things at a ridiculously low price to families who are genuinely in need - impressive huh?)  Get to it, and remember to let me know when you've done a bag or more.  Who knows how many we can get rid of!


ggrr said...

Ok you've inspireh me. I'm in.
Also, would be great to know the details of that Wainui shop please!

Bronwyn said...

I'm 'winging' it - I have plenty of hotspots that will fill 3 or 4 bags each, and i won't run out of spots in 40 days, I don't think! I've put a thread on our forum (http://www.cheekymonkey.org.nz), and others have been inspired to join, too!

shorty said...

Thanks for the hollabacks. I'll see what I can find out about the Wainui store!
Bronwyn - thanks for sharing the love! I'd love to get updates on how many bags have been cleared so we can keep the ticker going madly on here.