Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a little swapperoo

I recently joined in a mystery swap where some clever ladies around the country embellish t-shirts for your kidlets (or you!) ... two clever ladies (I have no idea who they are) sent these uh-mazing t-shirts to my two little men, we LOVE them!
Mr T loves his robot t-shirt, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar for little B ... what can I say?  Someone must've done their homework!  I swear when B grows out of it, I will have to attach it to a bigger hoodie or a cushion or something so we can keep enjoying it.


(The deal with the swap was you get what you gave - I embellished two t-shirts and sent them to two places around the country, and put in my request for the two I wanted to receive - just gave the details of my kids (age 3 size 4, and age 1 size 2) and what sort of things they were in to, and which colours were okay or not okay.  Then you get what you get!  And you share photos of what you did get.  I've been so touched by what I received, and both relieved and pleased with the comments from recipients of the tshirts I embellished.)


Jenny said...

They are soooo cool! Some homework/ blog stalking was definitely done!

(Btw in my Wardrobe Wednesday post of today, I may or may not have been wearing 'jeggings' and I may or may not have mentioned that a certain friend in the past waged facebook war re: jeggings!)He he Jen x

shorty said...

Nooooo jeggings!!! We Can Not Be Friends. (hehe just joshing)
I hate to admit it but they look really gooood!! But they look more like skintight pants than the cotton-lycra leggings you see around these parts.