Tuesday, July 16, 2013

petite kitchen discovery

Have you discovered the Petite Kitchen blog yet?

My husband and I are both sensitive to gluten foods (mine diagnosed by blood test, his self-diagnosed by realising how much more alive and well he feels when he doesn't eat white bread, pasta etc etc), so I'm always open to suggestions of gluten-free recipes which are delicious.

My friend, a mother of triplets who has an intolerance to gluten, put me on to it.  Wow.  Beautiful recipes, equally beautiful photography, and even better - a notable absence of flour, sugar, additives and preservatives.

So far I've made the coconut bread (which I couldn't believe how delicious it tasted with only 3 ingredients!!!), the "slightly posh" prune and pistachio chocolate truffles, and the raw lemon & coconut truffles - one of the best treats to sneak out of the fridge any time of day!

The recipes are simple to make, taste delicious, and dare I say it... my children didn't like the prune and pistachio truffles at all - so there were plenty more for us adults!

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