Saturday, November 29, 2014

radio silence over

the radio silence is over.

i didn't feel there was much worth blogging about. but then realising that things get lost on social media sites like facebook and twitter, i thought it'd be nice to come back here.

it's almost advent ... "prepare ye the way of the Lord" ... so I've been clearing out a grocery-bag sized lot of things from our home each day for three weeks so far in an effort to live with less.

i am reading joshua becker, 100 things challenges, kim john payne, and more to inspire me to downsize, declutter and live with less.  

i have spent time with wonderful women who embrace life, seasons, gifts, creating, children, laughter. i feel ready to start recording my creations here again for myself, and for anyone else who stumbles across them.

i'm not starting over. just evolving.

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