Friday, November 11, 2011


Movember, the month "formerly known as November", is one of the reasons I am not entirely unhappy that I no longer work in the city.  The first two weeks of Movember see men of all ages, stages, races and faces growing facial hair in all sorts of ways but for the majority it kinda looks a bit sad until some decent growth comes in.

I mean, these men can't all become Tom Selleck overnight, right?!
Image source here

It is a hilarious mo-tion and it's all for a good cause: raising awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer and depression (read more here).  I do miss the days where I worked with a bunch of men who would display an impressive range of 'mo's: handlebars, porn-staches, Magnums, Einsteins and even the odd Hitler-style mo!  Of course none of them could match the giant hooked mo displayed all year round by one of the guys who works at my favourite hot-choccie spot in Wellington, Duke Carvell's.  It has to be seen to be believed.

As we are a no-mo house (it's not the pash rash I object to, it's the slow-growing!) I thought I'd find a few other ideas for how to celebrate Movember.  Brace yourselves, my odd sense of humour is likely to make an appearance.

How about a pink mo-necklace for the ladies to support their Mo-bros?  White Lily Design have this pearler for sale on Etsy.

Or some nail art?  Photo from here.

How about some wall art:
Photo from here.
Heh, heh, really must dash.  Photo from here

Oh I love this one!  Photo from here.
I must ask the time.   Get it?  Must-ache the time...  Photo from here.
A few bits for the kitchen:
'Stache straws from Little Retreat on Etsy.

How fun are these glasses?!

Mo-cookie cutters from Fuzzy Ink.

Mugstaches anyone?  Photo from here.

Oh look!  It's double-mo-seven!  Photo from here.

More double-mo-seven!  Photo from here.

And for all you crafty types out there... wait for it... a bit of mo-chet?

Happy Movember everyone.  And remember to hug the men you love, and keep raising awareness of the health and well-being of our boys.  Arohanui.

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Jenny said...

ha ha - all very good and what about Paisley Jade's Moustache cake ! Jenny :)