Sunday, November 13, 2011

PHB October's Wardrobe

Gah!  How incredibly slack of me, I totally dropped the ball with the daily photos. 

Here's the most digest-esque digest version of PHB (and also where I panic as I realise that the new kid is turning one in less than a month... aaaargh!!!).
Here are the six knitted cardies that mostly were worn for the last time in October (from back to front): the green cable knit second-hand cardy from a Plunket sale, the olive kimono cardy from my aunty which I looooove, the brown sideways knitted jersey I made, a $7 Trade Me score of a blue pattern-knit hoodie, a blue knit jersey and a blue cardy which still fits (phew!)

Two merino hoodies made by my lovely friend Catherine, two cowboy kimono tops using organic cotton and a print from Sew Pretty, and a robot sleeveless hoodie.  All but the navy tops are now packed away.

Chocolate brown overalls made by me, and the blue overalls were a hand-me-down made for his big brother: a gift from the boys' great-great-aunt.

The giant cream cardigan which still has plenty of wear left in it, and from l-r a kitty-eared beanie from Plunket second-hand sale, a stripy beanie I made to match the cardy, a monkey beanie (one of my early crochet efforts) and the orange/pumpkin beanie.  My GP said the orange beanie reminded him of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, which were a big part of my childhood!!

So there we go, the handmade portion of the new kid's wardrobe that has been worn for Project Handmade Baby - more pictures to come of bibs, nappies and other wee accessories.

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